Superia is a one-of-a-kind financial firm that offers guidance and solutions through the financial path. As a firm, they understand that companies go through many phases, but whether they're up or down something they'll always need is money to reach their goals. They sought us out to create a friendly brand that would close the gap between people and the cold financial world. 

When designing the brand we looked for a symbol that would work as the guide of this world. It needed to be a symbol of strength and wisdom and we couldn't think of a better guide than the Owl. The Owl is often portrayed as a symbol of wisdom, and since it can see in the dark when others can't, it's a perfect match.  The brand comes together with different elements such as illustrations, icons, and a guiding voice to communicate strength but also convey a friendly approach. 

Overall we created a brand that would transmit Superia as the firm that clears the path so you can achieve your financial goals. 

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