Sorteos Tec
LSorteos Tec is a national lottery and sweepstakes platform that believes that giving is better than winning. Created by Mexico's top university, Sorteos Tec was designed to involve the community in helping social causes with a silver lining. All you have to do is buy a ticket to your favorite lottery, and even if you don't win big, you might be helping a young student to get the scholarship of their dreams. Sorteos Tec has been around for over 70 years, so they came to us wanting to get with the times and be a new, fresh brand for the new generations to come. 

When designing the website, the most important thing was to make it cheerful and fun. After all, winning the lottery is one of the most exciting things that could ever happen to anyone. The way they managed their previous website was chaos. They have tons of information, so the next challenge was to find a way to make the site intuitive, organized, and easy to navigate. Our main goal was to digitalize and modernize a brand that was mostly physical and traditional and make it fun for all the new lucky generations. 
The Confetti​​​​​​​
Nothing is more exciting than winning the lottery, so we created an element that would bring fun and joy into the website (even for those who don't win). We designed a confetti derived from the brands logo mark to give the brand some flare. 
The Lucky Slot Machines
The lucky machines were designed to be eye-catching and lively to awaken that “lucky feeling” in the users. Colors are randomly lit in numbers, so that they can feel as if they have a “lucky number”, based on their own lucky rules or superstitions.
The Shopping Cart
The shopping cart had a complete redesign to make buying tickets easier and simpler. A good shopping cart increases conversions significantly, so, we had to make sure it was clear, easy to use, and intuitive. Buying a ticket is a complex process, between choosing a ticket, labeling, preferences of the lucky user, payment methods, etc. So, it was essential that we make this process a whole lot easier for the users who are feeling lucky.

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