Plaza Serena
Serena is a unique open shopping center created using the most advanced and sustainable strategies for commercial design, urban planning, architecture and landscaping. Set in a beautiful park-like setting with almost 8000 square feet of green areas, Serena creates a unique destination inMonterrey where multiple park routesand open spaces combine seamlessly with a shopping experience.
The inspiration behind the brand’s design is based on how Serena’s modern board and batten architecture style coexists with the lovely open natural areas in a harmonious way. The stark geometric lines created used in all of the centers buildings add to the open-air feeling, and are an essential part of what makes Serena recognizable. These elements were used to create a brand that resonates with the center’s style and conveys their key values: community, beauty, and sustainability.
It was important for the brand's collateral and stationary to be consistent with their importance on sustainability. With this in mind, the use of recycled and uncoated material was essential, which combined beautifully with the golden foil. The identity was created to be a symbol of a unique recreational space, where visitors can find entertainment, relaxation, and a unique shopping experience.

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