For those who aren’t afraid to explore infinite possibilities. 

Minata is a footwear company that offers an interesting alternative to traditional shoes. The founder, and our source of inspiration, believes that trails are meant to be explored, roads discovered, and everyone should embrace the opportunities to create the future they dream about. We came up with a brand purpose that speaks to the wanderers, and encourages them to never stop exploring.

To emphasize a constant movement, the brand makes use of geometric and dynamic patterns. Never ending lines depict new discoveries, like the series of events that unfold when one is exploring places. Minata’s emblem is a play on a traditional compass, which points to the right direction. Shoes are expertly crafted in Mexico, so a vivid color palette was chosen to reflect this colorful culture. 

The project called for a strong brand voice and personality, one that would allow the founder to encourage her followers to take charge of their future. Our proposal gives Minata the potential to reach out to explorers, and inspire the young. It speaks of opportunity, and how heartening the unknown is. Life has plenty of paths to be explored, and Minata promises to be with you every step of the way. 

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