Maricú is an French artisan pastry boutique in Mexico City. The first shop was opened in the early seventies by Maricu’s mother, and since then, the family owned and operated business has been evolving into what it is today. Maricu and her daughter run two independent locations in the city, two more inside the gourmet section at Palacio de Hierro, and a culinary school. Three generations of Maricu’s pastry-making tradition come together to offer sweet delights. 

The brand inspiration was drawn from the devotion of these three women to the sweet kitchen. The emblem plays with the letter M and a roman number three (III), referencing this heritage. The visual aesthetic is elegant, mirroring the refinement in their French pastries. We developed a flexible pattern that resembles sugar splashes and the pleasant surprise of biting into the baked goods and experiencing an explosion of delicate flavors. 

The color palette emulates a well thought out balance between the traditional and the contemporary. The dark green evokes sophistication, complemented with a vivid green that rejuvenates the overall look and feel. The result is an elegant graphic universe, with vibrant interventions. 

Honoring Maricu’s trajectory was key to the communication strategy, without overlooking the modernization that is transforming the company thanks to the integration of the new generation - her daughter. The brand speaks of a culinary legacy that has been perfecting itself throughout the years, delivering a sweet heritage for you to enjoy.

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