La Nou
La Nou brings a new concept for a curious market. It aims to raise the bar on dining experiences. The restaurant delights guests with a clever fusion of French - American bistro, elaborated simply & exquisitely. They provide a space to enjoy a good dish in a relaxed & unique atmosphere. 

Experimentation is at the heart of La Nou. The ordinary evolves to extraordinary, and chefs are always enhancing the menus. We took this as our primary inspiration for the branding concept, allowing the brand to be dynamic and approachable.

The duality in the bar and bistro allowed us to play around with the branding. We deisgned two logotypes - one for the kitchen, and one for the bar. The idea was to invite people to come for the food and stay for the drinks. 

La Nou invites customers to witness a different culinary experience, and be part of something new. With a voice as witty and clever as their food, the restaurant aims to be accessible and liked by all.

Photography by Firmalt and Enrique Serrano. 

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