JRA Arquitectos
JRA is a professional and reliable firm specialized in architectural design located in Veracruz, Mexico. They are known for their exclusivity and vanguardism in each project. They work in different scales and sectors, providing solutions in the areas of integral architecture development, urbanism, interior, and landscape. 

Our branding proposal takes inspiration in the contrast found in light and shadows. Die cuts and embossing are used throughout the brand’s collateral, honoring architects’ play with space and dimensions. The logotype is an abstraction of the firm’s name - JRA. Custom characters were designed to portray volume and different perspectives of the same space.
Shades of grey and white were chosen as JRA color palette, again making reference to light and shadow. The sobriety of the colors helps the brand maintain a low-profile, with the idea that the aesthetic does not intervene with their projects. The brand’s pattern was developed as a complement to the elegance of JRA, embellishing the brand with texture.  

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