Ingenios Santos
Ingenios Santos is one of the largest sugar mills in Mexico and they pride themselves on their hard work and adaptability to challenges. You may not think about it but every spoonful of sugar we add to our coffees takes tremendous amounts of dedication and hard work. Making sugar is not easy and the process itself requires changing strategies constantly to hurdle over unpredictable elements. 

Our goal was to create a brand that everyone involved in the process could be proud of. We wanted to give them a brand that would appreciate and celebrate the labor of the people who make our lives sweeter every day. 
The Logo

We created the logo wanting to integrate both sugar and their dedication into one piece. The finished logo is made of geometrical forms that mimic how sugar looks through a microscope. All of these crystals together form a subtle "I.S.", the initials for Ingenios Santos. It's a logo with a lot of meaning and a lot of dedication.
The Pattern

To give the brand some necessary life we created a modular pattern that represents the problem-solving abilities that Ingenios Santos faces every day. In their process, they are always trying to find a way to get things done even when nature doesn't cooperate. This pattern shows the different obstacles they bump into but they can always change direction and strategy to get to the finish line. 
The Numbers

To make their brand unique from anything else in the industry we created personalized elements that they could pride on and use regularly. One of those elements was their high use of numbers so we decided they needed to have a set of one-of-a-kind numbers that would help them to be even more recognizable.
The Voice

The messaging for Ingenios Santos was created to make everyone in the process proud. We wanted to create a voice that the people involved could identify with and also that the people on the outside could understand their values and process. The voice speaks of their ability to adapt to unpredictability, their hard-working people, and their vision of a better tomorrow. 

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