Honnom Hennés
Honom Hennés is a contemporary boutique located in Monterrey, Mexico that offers a unique approach to the fashion industry. Both co-founders put special effort in hand picking select items from renowned brands from all over the world. Their collections include garments and accessories for those men and women who think of fashion items as a way to express themselves. 
The inspiration behind the Honom Hennés brand is taken from the contrasting balance that comes from men and women. The name is taken from Swedish words him (honom) and her (hennés). The idea was to develop an elegant concept, very pure, but with iconic details that forces the brand to stand out. All of the branding identity is very symmetrical, and plays with the balance found in the letter “H” - from the pattern, to the use of colors and other brand elements. 
The color palette is also based on balance, mixing pure, neutral colors, with vivid ones. Fresh colors are often used in the middle of the brand’s applications, depicting the iconic horizontal line that joins both extremities in the H. The end result is an elegant Honom Hennés brand that maintains an interesting twist in its style. 
Identity, Collateral, Packaging and Web Design by Firmalt. 

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