Greenapsis offers sustainable and affordable options to the industry and commerce. Their energy-efficient LED technology produces major illumination at minor costs. They create financially-viable, efficient solutions for businesses throughout various industries. They are dedicated to developing technology in lighting that provides their customers returns in a short period of time.

LED lasts over 50 times longer than a typical bulb, radiating significantly more light. We took this as our main inspiration for the branding concept, the idea of an infinite light. The emblem was constructed as an optical trick - playing with the eye - a cycle that goes on forever.

The color palette was inspired by light, and the desire of rejuvenating the industry. We wanted to add on to the idea of creating a positive impact, so we developed a bright identity that feels fresh and modern, relying on white, and phosphorescent colors. 

Greenapsis aims to help businesses in every industry develop highly effective and sustainable processes, without hurting their finances. The ultimate goal is to create a high impact ecological change. With this in mind, we used the double meaning of the word led - LED lighting, and the verb lead -  to create a conversation around Greenapsis and the ecological revolution led by light. The brand voice expands through the Greenapsis community, inviting industries to lead through a positive change. 

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