Galt Energy
Galt Energy is a company that provides and finances alternative energy solutions. Their purpose is to provide customers with the ability to harness solar energy for commercial, residential, institutional projects. They implement an innovative financing mechanism which allows clients to pay for the cost of energy-efficiency improvements with the savings on their energy bills. Essentially, the panels pay for themselves.
The concept is inspired by energy; the company’s primary offering. When they approached us,they wanted their brand to represent their commitment to sustainability, but to differentiate itself from the common visual style of companies in their related field. The mark is created using elements from the six main renewable energy sources: wind, water, solar, biomass, geothermal and biofuel.
It was imperative to develop a cohesive aesthetic for the brand across their digital and collateral material. The vibrant blue in Galt Energy’s color palette lands perfectly between an electric blue and sustainable green. The fluid mark is complemented by a highly structured design that conveys their honest, clean, and intelligent approach to making alternative energy a viable option.

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