FryGuy is a delivery kitchen that serves french fries and only french fries. 

Let's face it, we all love french fries, it's a favorite universal snack. Some people order burgers just for the fries. FryGuy solves your fry problem by giving you what you want, just the fries! Even better, FryGuy turned fries into a whole meal. Have 'em with pork belly, have 'em with popcorn chicken, even with chocolate! 

There are so many ways to have your fries but there's only ONE FryGuy. The guy with the fries.
The Stickers

We created a set of playful stickers to be used digitally and physically. Stickers are used almost everywhere, but they are most enjoyed in the packaging. With stickers, we can make every box different and unique for any client. Each time someone orders their box will come packed with random stickers so they can look forward to the next.  ​​​​​​​
The Fry Pattern

FryGuy is all about the fries so we designed the brand to be all about them too. We wanted fry madness, so we created a versatile fry pattern that could go everywhere. The fry pattern is used as a photo overlay, on the packaging, on the website, and especially on social media. It goes with anything, just like fries do. 
The Tagline

Since it's all about the fries we created a simple tagline that embodies everything FryGuy stands for. 
Live peacefully and let us have our fries. 
The Descriptive Tagline

FryGuy is delivery-only and we needed something that would let customers know about it in a creative way. 
FryGuy is Fries on the Fly. Order your fries and they'll fly on home to you. Enjoy!
The Voice

We all love fries. We wanted the brand voice to speak to everyone and be lovable and relatable. We created the voice using popular catchphrases or quotes that could easily replace words that rhyme with "fry". Fry me to the moon, fry away and fry another day. FryGuy has a flavor to fry for. 

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