Facer is a facial fitness gym for, you guessed it, your face! Think about it, you spend all those hours at the gym keeping your body toned and fit, but what about your face? There are 43 muscles in our face that are in great need of some TLC. Facer believes that faces are forever and to keep 'em fit and beautiful for so long we have to work them out. 

Our goal was to create a brand that was clear yet very intriguing to the eye. Considering this is a new concept, we wanted people to understand the "why" behind the brand and also why it works. Facer wants people to be the best version of themselves, stay healthy, and always put their best face on.
The Mark

We created a very intricate yet iconic logo that has a story to tell. Facer is all about putting your beautiful face forward so, if you look close enough, you can see half a smiling face in the mark. This face is created by an abstract "F" that, of course, stands for Facer. We wanted something intriguing yet friendly to make people feel curious and also welcome. 
The Face Badges

Facer is a celebration of all faces so we wanted to create an element that showed that throughout the brand. Faces come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and so do these badges. We use them as icons, as patterns, like stickers, you name it! Their versatility has no limit and neither does Facer.
The Gravity Pulls

To create a deeper visual brand we created a set of patterns and elements we call Gravity Pulls. The overall concept for the brand was space inspired and how these facial exercises give faces an anti-gravity power. These Gravity pulls are used throughout the brand as patterns, overlays, and as an extra flare.

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