Etnia is a fashion brand that takes its name from the greek word éthnos that means nation or village. Etnia’s products combine luxury and artisanal manufacture through the collaboration between various Mexican ethnic groups.
One of the key values of the brand is the respect of Mexican ethnic cultures’ handcrafting techniques through fair trade, trustworthy business plans and recognition.
The beauty behind Etnia's products is the mix of high-end materials, traditional textiles and materials and the story each product carries. 
Etnia’s emblem is the result of two colliding characters that create a unified symbol that represents the brand's spirit to
combine two contrasting subjects: fashion and artisanal manufacture.
The understated colour palette conveys exclusivity and elegance while allowing the thread, textiles, beads and materials to be the protagonists of the brand. Gold foil contrasts with native patterns in different applications, reflecting the binding of two worlds, held together by Etnia. 

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