Elemate is an uplifting supplement line that wants you to live your life at full flow. We called it 'wellness in a bottle' because Elemate is all about making you better by feeling and being better. Our brain controls everything we do, so it's only fair we give it a little fuel to be able to function at its full potential. 

When creating the brand, we wanted to stay away from the old and outdated supplement brands. Elemate is all about youth and feeling fueled for life and we wanted the brand to exude that kind of power. We created a distinctive brand system that will allow them to expand endlessly without ever losing their core or identity. 

Overall, we created a brand identity for Elemate that delivers their message clearly: Life is better when you are better. 
The Mark

Elemate is all about living your life at full flow, so the mark we created represents that positive vision. We created an iconic symbol based on the "E" which loops together at the middle to create that flow Elemate wants to see in its community. It's a slick and fun mark that represents everything Elemate stands for in a simple and fun way. 
The Halos

Inspired by the idea of focusing on life, we created a modular set of Halos that change according to the product's focus. These halos allow the products to have a graphic label that helps consumers identify their product in stores or on their own counter.  

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