Drexel Group is a family company dedicated to diesel injection systems with more than 54 years of making the world go round. Without trucks and freight systems, our economy would collapse. We would never move food to our supermarkets or be able to trade goods or get anything we order from Amazon. We need trucks to live, and trucks need injection systems to move. With such a small part that plays a big role in making trucks go,  Drexel plays a bigger role in our economy than we know.

Drexel sells, tests, and renews injection systems for countries all over America, making sure trucks go where they need to go. For this brand, we wanted to highlight the importance of movement and direction. We were inspired by the star-like spray injectors make when activated to be the core idea of the design. In the end, we created a strong brand that not only reflects the power of the business but of the family who runs it as well.
The Wordmark
We wanted to create a strong and iconic wordmark that worked within the industry but stood out from the competition. Within the letters, we created custom ink traps that resemble the tip of the injectors. This detail makes the wordmark one of a kind while still reflecting strength and power.
The Mark
The mark design is inspired by the star-like spray of the diesel when it is injected into the motor. The 3D effect of the star is an homage to the strength and power of the trucking industry and of Drexel's team.

The Pattern
The pattern is inspired by the mark and its star-like shape. We changed the shape of it to look like arrows pointing in different directions as an homage to the different roads and directions truckers take every day. This pattern is modular and can be used in applications such as packaging, website, stationary, etc.

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