Décima is a six story complex of corporate offices in the core of San Pedro Garza García. It offers extravagant spaces for businesses to grow and develop. It is strategically located within the city for its easy access, and has privileged views of the majestic mountains that surround the city, like the Sierra Madre, la Huasteca and el Cerro de la Silla.
The branding proposal comes from a sense of belonging, which is portrayed in Décima’s emblem. The shield serves as a reminder for the people who work, buy, or rent their office there, that they can grow and transcend within Décima’s community. The brand’s aesthetic is built around heritage and elegance, adding modern twists throughout the applications. Décima’s typographic system irradiates tradition, while icons like wheat stalks, flags, and a rising sun maintain the brand’s contemporary approach. Each icon has a reason to be - the wheat stalks make reference to the territory, the flag represents establishment in such territory, and the rising sun is the new beginning.
The naming was taken from San Pedro’s foundation back in 1882, when three antique haciendas merged to form the new town. One of these haciendas was named La Décima. The wordmark hides a subtle 10 inside the D, referring Décima (tenth).
Décima’s color palette plays along with the traditional concept of the brand, entertaining colors like brown, green and ivory. The copper works as a tribute to the concept of business exchange, as it is known to be used in the coinage of currency. The foil is applied throughout the collateral, highlighting Décima’s prosper essence.
Naming, Branding, Communications, & Website by Firmalt.

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