Davana is an online gift-giving business based in Monterrey, Mexico with the primary goal of making special occasions, unforgettable. Searching for the perfect gift can be overwhelming, and choosing the right one can be very time consuming. Davana makes gift-giving easy, they bundle essential goodies related to a specific theme in a single box. No more stressing out over what to buy. Because you want to be on everyone's gift list, Give Davana. 
The branding concept explores the idea of a a gift laboratory, playing with formulas and elements that depict a scientific approach to happiness. The brand is wrapped around mixtures of fun and experiments that portray a happiness factory where gifts are carefully packed. The logotype takes on the two dimensional drawing of a three dimensional box. The logo variations were developed as different characters to bring the brand to life.  
The use of typography throughout the applications supports the experimental spirit of the brand. Phrases around the packaging show precision and symbols resembling chemistry formulas. These elements are combined with smiley faces composed of keyboard symbols, resulting in a playful laboratory aesthetic. 
Traditional blue and pink colors were chosen as Davana’s color palette, to make reference to the fact that the brand has both men and women gift boxes. Red and light green were added as contrasting colors, and are used throughout the brand’s collateral. The color palette is bright and colorful, communicating the joy and happiness of receiving a gift. 

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