Atelán showcases local and international luxury fashion designers in Latin America, and are in constant search of emerging talent with a unique style and vision. They provide a progressive environment for them to promote their work and collaborate with their network of models, stylists, makeup and hair artists, photographers and other industry professionals. Atelán also organizes frequent events to build brand awareness for the designers and create a unique and exclusive shopping experience for fashion-forward consumers.
Our challenge was to create a brand that could encompass two markets: the designers and the consumers. For designers, the brand represents an exclusive community of remarkable talent. For the consumers, it is a premium brand of luxury fashion.
The identity draws inspiration from two things: the process of fashion design, and the resulting attire. The shape of the mark depicts the dress form where designers construct their garments (also known as a mannequin), and the rhombus pattern is a contemporary take on thread interlacing. We selected a color distinct palette of grays and blues in combination with light patterns to accompany the logo. The result is a strong yet feminine emblem that is accompanied by to convey authenticity and exclusivity to their respective markets.

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