Espresso Mexicano

Espresso Mexicano is a newsletter that curates the most important news of the day and delivers it in a concise, unbiased, and efficient manner. Basically, they're a news outlet that gets straight to the point. In an era of so many media outlets (trustworthy and otherwise) and a generation fast approaching news fatigue, Espresso wants to make news appealing again. They believe informed citizens can make better decisions about their future and act on them. Their team of curators is constantly filtering out the most important news of the day so that you can start your day the right way.

When designing the brand, our biggest challenge was finding a clever way to organize information. We had to create something useful for the Espresso Mexicano team and their readers. For the Espresso team, the design of the newsletter had to be flexible to adapt to the news of the day; and easy to build and use on a daily basis. For readers, the design had to be interesting enough to keep readers engaged, readable on all screen sizes, and uncomplicated enough to make a lot of information easy to scan through. We created what we call The Card System, which organizes information into a cue card structure that delivers messages clearly and swiftly. Overall, we created a brand with a variety of elements that make getting the news as easy as getting a cup of coffee.


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